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Be Brave.
Be You.

Healthy Plant-Based Eating.

Saturday, 28.08.2021

This week is all about kids!

The last Saturday of the month belongs to the kids. We will be making smoothies, fruit-nutty balls, and rainbow ice cream!


Smoothies your kids will love

Refreshing, fruity, choco or nutty flavours! Healthy, sweet and nutritious meals for everyone.

Balls for every sweet tooth

Making your own snacks can be fun. Making sweet balls out of dried fruits, nuts and seeds is easy.

Rainbow ice cream

Frozen banana, mango, nuts and food coloring = lots of healthy fun!

B-day vegan-red-velvet-cake

more tasty food to try...

During every masterclass, you get to taste other foods I have in my kitchen. This week you can try my new homemade saurkraut (probiotics!!) and my birthday Vegan Red Velvet Cake!



more tasty food to try...

During every meeting, you get to taste other foods I have in my kitchen. This week you can try my new homemade saurkraut (probiotics!!) and some vegan cream cheese.


How to participate?

Simply send me your name and your email using this form:

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    WHOLESOME Plant-based Meals MasterclassES

    Let’s get healthy, lean and happy together.

    Taste new flavors of plant-based, healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find out how to improve your health switching gears towards better food choices, while satisfying your sweet tooth and hunger. Enjoy this 3-hour masterclass and start your journey towards healthier, happier life.

    Weight-loss Challenge

    The effortless way to reach your optimal weight & health.

    My system teaches you to eat smarter so you get and stay lean for good while filling up on satisfying and delicious plant-based food. Free yourself from diet mentality by following our simple, transformative, and no-nonsense principles!

    Find out more about 1-week vegan challenge and start your journey towards permanent weight loss!


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    Everytime I cook, you eat well.


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