Best guacamole

Best guacamole

What makes the best ever guacamole? It’s less than you’d think, which is great news for those of us who love simple recipes! Great guacamole is about a few fresh ingredients, and a couple of tricks that make the flavors stand out even more. Guacamole is perfect for pretty much any Mexican inspired meal and wonderful as a snack too.

Less is always more for the perfect guacamole, and that’s what makes this recipe ‘the best’. Simple ingredients combine together for a phenomenal fresh flavor. And you’ll find yourself making this pretty much every week when you see how easy it is to make.

Let’s start by talking about how to buy avocados:

  1. The best way to buy and avocado in my experience is to make sure they’re rock hard at the store. Then bring them home to ripen over the next 3-5 days. This is just my personal experience living up north where avocados will never be local. So it’s been hit or miss when I buy a ripe avocado at the store. Sometimes they’re perfect, and sometimes they’re rotten.
  2. If you’re desperate for guacamole right away, try to find avocados with a slight ‘give’ in them when you gently squeeze them. You also want to look for avocados that ‘fill out their skin’. You don’t want them to have large sunken or shriveled areas which are usually bruises or rotten spots.
  3. And finally, pop out the stem and see if it’s bright green. If it’s green, it’s perfect! If you pull out the stem and it’s brown, it’s no good.

Maybe you’ve seen all those avocado memes about avocados being just right for about half a second. And then of course they’re too ripe, so these tips below are for you!

How to store avocados for longer:

  • Keep your barely ripe avocados in the refrigerator. I buy packages of 6 rock hard avocados at a time, and place them on the counter to ripen. They take about 3-5 days to become just ripe. From there I place them in the fridge where they easily keep for about 10 days after that.
  • Any avocados you’re not going to use, you can cube up and place in the freezer to use in smoothies and salad dressings.

Ingredients for the best guacamole:

  • Avocados – Perfectly ripe avocados are the secret to the best guacamole. If your avocados are too hard, the flavor isn’t quite as good, and the texture suffers a lot.
  • Onion – Red onion or shallots are our favorite onion to use in guacamole. But I’ve used everything from regular white or yellow onions, to the white ends of green onions when it was all I had. They all work, but we’re partial to red onion or shallots.
  • Garlic – This is a matter of personal preference. We used to always add a touch of garlic, but now we never do and have come to like it that way better. Try it both ways and see what you like!
  • Jalapeno – freshly minced jalapeno is a must, and if you like spicy add as much as you’d like. We like right around 1 tablespoon which adds the perfect amount of flavor to be in balance with the avocados. Sometimes I substitute jalapeno with sambal olek, if I have no peppers on hand.
  • Cilantro – is also key and adds so much fresh flavor to guacamole. Look for bunches of cilantro at farmer’s market and prepare to be amazed at how much better the flavor is!
  • Lime juice – I add just a touch of lime juice to my guacamole so the avocado can really shine. But feel free to keep adding a bit more to your taste. And if lemons is the only fruit you have on hand, that will do too!
  • Sea salt – Salt is always important in a recipe, but even more so when the ingredients are fresh and simple. Start with the smallest amount of salt and work up to your taste. It will bring out all the flavors here.
  • Tomatoes – to me are optional in guacamole since they’re so seasonal. It’s hard to get good tomatoes for more than a couple of months a year. So when they’re not in season I recommend leaving them out, or using the best cherry tomatoes you can find. I don’t recommend adding a spoonful of salsa like many people call for because the canned salsa mutes the freshness of the guacamole.

Ok now let’s make this recipe step by step:

Step 1:

Start by cutting your avocados in half. I like to use the tip of the knife to remove the pit. Insert the point of the knife into the soft spot at the base of the pit and pop it out. Remove the skin by scooping out the ripe avocado with a spoon, and then place in a bowl. Mince the onion, jalapeno, and cilantro and juice half of a lime. Add the minced onion, jalapeno, and cilantro to the bowl with the avocado.

Using a fork, mash the minced ingredients into the avocado being sure to leave some chunks of avocado for texture.

Season to taste with sea salt and lime juice before stirring in the diced tomatoes.