Vegan Cashew Ranch Dip

Vegan Cashew Ranch Dip

The ingredients for this recipe are so simple and straightforward.

You will need:

  • raw cashews
  • hot water
  • lemon juice
  • garlic
  • sea salt and pepper
  • onion powder
  • maple syrup
  • mustard
  • dried coriander
  • Fresh dill

As you can see, there’s nothing strange about these simple ingredients. No doubt, you will be able to locate everything you need at your local grocery store.

Now, if you are nut-free, or you want a more cost-conscious approach to this recipe then feel free to sub the cashews and hot water with silken tofu. You can find silken tofu at most grocery stores in the produce aisle (refrigerated section). I always recommend to buy organic tofu.

Certainly, tofu is a much cheaper alternative. But personally, for this recipe, I prefer using raw cashews.


Now, this recipe couldn’t be easier to make. Simply toss everything into your blender and mix until smooth. 

Certainly, it helps to use a high-performance blender for this recipe to achieve ultra-smooth consistency. I used my trusty Vitamix and blender cup. A magic bullet would also work well for this recipe.

However,  you can still make this recipe using a standard blender. It might require more hot water to help with blending, as well as stopping to scrape down the sides as you go. But it’s very doable. 

This recipe can be used as either a ranch dip or dressing. For a thinner consistency, simply add splashes more hot water until you’ve reached desired texture. I’ve recommended a minimum of 3/4 cup hot water. This is my preferred texture. From there, you can add more hot water to thin if desired.

And of course, you can make this recipe nut-free and cost-conscious by opting in for silken tofu instead of cashews and hot water. This is a much more price-conscious approach and achieves a smooth and creamy ranch dressing. 

My recommendation when buying silken tofu is to always buy organic. This article from Healthline speaks to consumer concerns about GMO varieties, as well as the benefits of tofu. Keep in mind, using tofu will change your recipe to be nut-free, but not soy-free.

This vegan ranch dressing will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. Keep in an air-tight container.