WHOLESOME Plant-based Meals Masterclass


Let’s get healthy, lean and happy​.

Going plant-based can seem really daunting — at least that’s how I felt almost a decade ago. It took me a fair amount of time and research to figure out the basics of plant-based eating, fueling my body optimally, and making everyday cooking a piece of cake (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Plant-based eating made easy.

With this guide, I want to help you bring more plants to your plate and offer a way to look at vegan meals not as a substitute for animal-based dishes but as a colorful, well-rounded plate of delicious goodness.

Because healthy plant-strong eating can be really quite simple — it isn’t rocket science.

Vegan grocery list

free vegan grocery list

It's getting better.

With a few basics, which I will teach you, you will be able to create an endless amount of flavorful vegan bowls & meals adjustable to your taste preferences, staple foods, and seasonal produce at the store.

Every step you take towards eating a whole foods plant-based diet will be an improvement for your health, other sentient beings, and our planet as a whole. You can inspire your friends and family to make better choices and avoid chronic disease, discover totally new foods, and just be a lot more content overall.


Come and try some easy to make recipes.

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    Location: Alhaurin el Grande

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    We start at 11am!

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    soon all these categories will be filled with delicious recipes


    Wraps and Quesadillas

    Fast meals for lunch/dinner, on great for using those leftovers.

    Salads and Dips

    Lose weight and recharge with  wholemeal salad ideas.

    Vege Sushi Workshop

    Hands-on sushi course anyone can learn how to make at home.

    Cakes AND SNACKS

    No-cooking, no-baking treats!  Everyday delicious snacks.

    Instant Pot Dinners

    Thai, Indian, Mexican, American and Italian cuisine in one pot.

    Party Foods & Drinks

    Finger food and alkohol-free cocktails for all occasion.

    Smoothie Workshop

    Learn divine smoothie recipes for breakfast or a snack.

    Pickling Workshop

    Rich in probiotic bacteria, pickled and fermented foods.
    Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho

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